Join Us!

The Supreme Cult wants you!

As a tithe paying contributing member, that is.

Also, we want full time volunteer unpaid ministers who can devote their lives to be our Myrmidon troops to be our standard bearers in our two-fold mission of preaching to gain a bigger following for the money and feeding the flock crap so they will stay. Only the most dedicated qualified candidates can join our staff after sinking their college fund into our totally unaccredited Supreme Cult Diplomat University to be indoctrinated into our mind control programs.

We are also seeking dedicated full time employees working 18 hours a day, six days a week at less than minimum wage to carry out our drudge programs of mindless sanitary engineering, food services (for our Supreme General and his lieutenants), security (we have some real problems with angry adversaries, and they carry guns), IT and qualified nuclear physicists for our nuclear power plant so it doesn’t melt down again.

We are going to have beautiful campuses and we aim to keep them that way with dedicated high quality cheap labor.

To that end, we have employee training from Human Resources which will set the tone during the first day orientation.

Human Resources Course Catalog

Ethics 1 (Required class for Supreme Cult employees, whether they are paid or not!)

What is the Ethics Code? What is an Improper Church Corporate Action? What are the Cult Policies? This class introduces the codes and policies that apply to all Cult employees and officers, how they relate to building and maintaining the religious trust and vital role played by the Ethics Commission. In this course, we will teach you dirty tricks to undermine and obliterate competing cults and other obnoxious entities without being caught at it: The end always justifies the means, but image must always triumph over substance.

Discontinued until further notice