Church History

Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 are an absolute map of our church history: The Supreme Cult is Biblical and this just proves that we are on the right track with God, Jesus Christ and Prophecy!

We trace our lineage through obscure little groups which barely existed: We expand on the historical record beyond what ever existed in reality to prove our point that The Supreme Cult is the Supreme Church of God — the one and only true Church of God.

This fabricated history which has been thoroughly disproved, demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that I have been selected by God as the One and Only True End Time Prophet Apostle!

There is no other!

I am the proverbial “It”!

No one can take my place!

To be clear, we are all of the Philadephian Era, which is the church era of Brotherly Love.

Soon we will also have to be Laodoceans, or else prophecy won’t work out right.

And who could be more Laodocean than The Supreme Cult, rich and in need of nothing, particularly when you consider that we blow a minimum of $2,000 or so per person every Feast of Tabernacles, living it up, getting sloshed with hard booze and fattened on cholesterol filled red meat cooked in the fanciest restaurants we can find in facilities which cater to major Corporate Conventions.

In fact, The Supreme Cult looks every bit like a standard Corporation at these Business Conferences, what with suits and brief cases. The only thing that ruins it is the appearance of those big Bibles and snot nosed children, but still… it’s still about as Laodocean as you can get.

So make your reservations at the facilities we negotiated for you and pick over what is left to you after I and the ministry have first choice. Expect the finest after we get done with the firsts and you only get seconds (and don’t you dare make reservations early).

It may be true that the Waldensians never kept the Sabbath or Holydays, never attended annual Festivals and only considered themselves good Catholics and we lie about it to force our church history to look viable, but hey, I get to change tradition because I am the one and only True End Time Prophet Apostle!