British Israelism

An absolute requisite for members of The Supreme Cult is to believe in British Israelism: The thoroughly disproved notion that the United States and British Commonwealth are lost tribes of Israel.

This notion is so very important because it is the basis of all my prophecies!

You cannot understand prophecy without British Israelism!

It makes no sense!

You must have absolute faith in me and to do so, you must have absolute faith in British Israelism.

No one else has what we have and the understanding we have because they do not have British Israelism.

Today’s world news can only be seen in light of British Israelism: It cannot be seen any other way.

Once you see it that way and effectively “map” world news to British Israelism, you will never again be able to hear a negative news report about the United States and the British Commonwealth without thinking, “See — that just proves the prophecy of The Supreme Cult is going to come to pass in the next five to seven years because this is in line with British Israelism and the punishments of God because of all the wickedness of the people”.

Which is a lot to think about one little news report.

But you can’t think about things any other way from now on, no matter how hard you try!