New Supreme General

As you all know, our beloved Supreme General has passed on into a new transphasic state where he has all power and glory, leaving us behind to pick up the pieces.

I am the New Supreme General, Joseph Tcat, Senior.

The first thing I’m going to do is change everything. All the doctrine of the old Supreme General is daft. He realized this before he died passed into the new transphasic state and left me to tell all of you.

It will take time. We will slowly eradicate, feasts, holydays (I guess those are the same thing — I gave up on them a few years ago), prophecy (which was really stupid and was never going to happen), sabbaths (land and otherwise), British Israelism (which is disproved by DNA at minimum), church history, everything in our old faith. Now you can join the military if you want to. It’s probably your patriotic duty.

We will be moving toward the new covenant, a sort of Greek Hellenistic vision of faith espoused by the Apostle Paul whose books were mostly forged by someone unknown to us — it certainly wasn’t anyone named ‘Paul’. The so-called Pauline Epistles overtly refuted everything by every other ‘Apostle’, creating a new religion which abandoned the Jewish religion, but no one seems to have noticed that.

In 7 years or so, I will also die pass on to the new transphasic state and leave everything to my son. He will dismantle the rest of this cult religion, sell the buildings, take the money and run and retire.

You will all have to learn to be on your own. We can’t tell you what to do any more. It’s too wearisome. Sure God isn’t going to heal you, but we can’t, so there’s no use complaining about that. We will shift local services to outsourced ministers, who will eventually drop the name of The Supreme Cult and it will quietly disappear.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re going to form your own little group and keep on with this crazy cult religion. Good luck with that. Just off the top, two-thirds of you will just drop out entirely and go somewhere else. Around 40% of you will become atheists. In just a few years, your little scattered groups will become distant memories.

This is mostly as it should be. You won’t be getting your money back. For that matter, you won’t get the time you wasted on this silly enterprise back.

But as for me and my family, life is good. Thanks for all that wonderful wealth that you gave to The Supreme General from whom I’ve taken it.

Live and learn. Except some of you won’t. You’ll live out your daft narratives in your little echo chambers until you die… alone and poor.

Good luck to the rest of you. Your recovery can begin soon….

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