British IsraelismBritish Israelism is the essential teaching required for all membership and is the basis of all our prophecy
Church HistoryOur church history springs from the First Century through non existent and fabricated Sabbath Keeping groups from age to age
FaithAll members must believe what I tell them even if it is in conflict with the Bible or Science
GodEveryone can eventually be God as God is God, especially me, but in the meantime we believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ and me
HolydaysSalvation requires keeping Holydays and Tithes are needed for that and Holydays explain God’s Plan… as explained by me
MilitaryAll members are automatically Conscientious Objectors whether they know it or not and our ministers think that’s some kind of criminal
ProphecyProphecy proves our doctrines true, whether or not I am a false prophet
SabbathAbsolutely no work between Friday night Sunset and Saturday night Sunset, except for our servers in restaurants
TithesA tithe is 10% of your gross income and five tithes are required for salvation, so kiss 50% of your income goodbye