As The Supreme General of The Supreme Cult, I never abuse anyone!

No one actually counts enough to come to my attention: Why would I abuse you if you are beneath my radar of interest?

This universe is all about me and no one and nothing else.

You are of very faint tertiary interest to me: You aren’t important enough for me to notice — you are so insignificant that you only exist as a means for me to achieve my ends, which are to live the great and comfortable life of prosperity, ease and to get plenty of rapt attention from truly important people of this world (which, by the way, does not — once again — include you).

It is true that some may feel that they are abused by the ministers and administrators of The Supreme Cult, but that is only as a byproduct of their pursuing their own selfish interests (or mine) and you happen to get in the way: You are merely collateral damage and should not feel that you have been singled out.

Neglect is another form of abuse and we at The Supreme Cult are certainly good at neglecting all of you and your supposed “needs”.

You are all such needy people sometimes that I am beginning to think that most of you have the Borderline Personality Disorder.

I myself am a classic Narcissist with a rather conditional or somewhat absent conscience: Think of me as being your Godfather in The Supreme Cult Mafia.

We demand absolute loyalty to me.

If you consider that abuse, then maybe you should look somewhere else for your salvation, even though it doesn’t exist anywhere else.